Zain KSA and Huawei to jointly promote green network development

Zain KSA and Huawei signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on green energy cooperation. The two parties set the strategic goal of “Green 5G, 5G for Green”. Based on the wireless network energy efficiency indicator (NEE2.0), the parties agreed to deploy systematic energy-efficient hardware and software solutions to support the green development of Zain KSA networks, representing further progress towards realising the vision of energy saving, carbon reduction, and a sustainable future.

Zain KSA will work with Huawei to deploy energy-efficient hardware such as MetaAAUs and ultra-wideband RRUs on a large scale. Technologies like extremely large antenna array (ELAA), ultra-wideband power amplifiers, and RF algorithms will greatly improve network energy efficiency. Furthermore, the latest “0 bit, 0 watt” technology will achieve 99% ultra-deep module shutdown.

The two parties will collaborate to introduce the iPowerStar intelligent energy saving solution to complex networks with differentiated equipment energy efficiency, frequency band coverage, traffic volume, and enabled energy saving features. This will allow intelligent energy saving policies to be formulated, thus maximising the energy efficiency of the entire network.

The two parties will also cooperate to explore end-to-end energy saving and carbon reduction methods. Carbon emissions are generated throughout the equipment lifecycle, including manufacturing, transportation, online operation, and recycling. Technological innovation in terms of material selection, weight reduction, energy consumption, and equipment recyclability will greatly accelerate the development of green networks.

The two parties also agreed on the feasibility and leadership of Huawei’s energy-saving solutions. Looking ahead, the parties are committed to honouring the contract, continuously engaging in innovation and cooperation in green network development, and setting an example for the sustainable development of the industry.

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