Zoho launches new data centres in Canada

Zoho Corporation is solidifying its commitment to the Canadian market with the opening of two new data centres in Montreal and Toronto offering Canadian customers the benefit of localised data storage and processing.

“The new data centres and their operations carry all the required certifications, which assures our customers that their data is securely stored only within Canadian boundaries,” said Chandrashekar LSP, Managing Director of Zoho Canada.

“Given the significance of privacy regulations and performance requirements, many Canadian organisations are placing an increased emphasis on data sovereignty, data residency and enhanced security,” added Chandrashekar. “This emphasis is especially applicable for large enterprises, including those in government, banking and financial service sectors.”

The new data centres will help build on Zoho’s momentum in Canada. This momentum includes a five-year Compound Annual Growth Rate of 36% for mid-sized enterprises and an overall Canadian customer base increase of 24%, with Zoho Workplace customers growing 32% over the same period.

Globally, Zoho surpassed 100 million users in August, thanks to the continued support of Canadian customers, as well as the dedicated effort of the company’s partner network.

The new Canadian data centres represent Zoho’s 13th and 14th globally and underscore the company’s commitment to user privacy and security, as well as its efforts to serve customers locally.

“As Canadian organisations progress with regards to their cloud maturity, they are leaning towards SaaS workloads to modernise existing processes and in many cases to introduce new functionalities into the organisation,” said Megha Kumar, Research Vice President, Software & Cloud Services, IDC.

“At the same time, organisations are also under pressure to operate secure environments while complying with data residency requirements (depending on the industry) and privacy mandates,” added Kumar. “These requirements have Canadian organisations leaning towards cloud vendors that have in-country datacenter investments as well as the right tools and processes in place to ensure compliance with local, national, and international regulations.”

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