ZutaCore® and Valeo announce first contract for innovative data center cooling

Addressing the growing demand for liquid cooling in data centers to support high-density servers, Valeo plans to deliver its first data center cooling components to ZutaCore in the second half of 2024. 

Together, Valeo and ZutaCore’s waterless two-phase direct-on-chip liquid cooling solution can be implemented in new or existing data centers, delivering 10 times more computing power, 50% reduction in total cost of ownership, 100% heat reuse, and reduced CO2 emissions for a sustainable data center.

The Valeo innovative Heat Reuse Unit (HRU) produces 60kW cooling power in a compact 3U form and features hot-swappable pumps to minimize maintenance downtime, delivering on enterprise class requirements.

This Heat Reuse Unit and manifolds, manufactured by Valeo, will be combined with the ZutaCore® HyperCool® waterless direct-onchip dielectric liquid cooling solution that can cool the most powerful processors of 1500 watts and more. HyperCool meets the power demands of today’s data centers driven by HPC (High-Performance Computing), Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning workloads, delivering the highest sustained performance while enabling server densification and reduced power usage.

Xavier Dupont, President of Valeo Thermal Systems Business Group said: “We are proud to have transformed our agreement with Zutacore into a contract in less than a year. This partnership confirms Valeo’s role in leveraging its extensive knowledge of thermal systems in automotive to provide innovative cooling solutions that make data centers more reliable, but also reduce their impact on the environment“.

“At ZutaCore, we are committed to making net zero emissions a reality by developing innovative liquid cooling solutions for the data industry. Reducing energy, water, and land usage, as well as emphasizing recyclability and using sustainable materials, is critical for the data industry to achieve its net zero emissions goals”; said Erez Freibach Co-founder & CEO of Zutacore. 

“Together with Valeo and its Heat Reuse Unit that produces 60kW cooling power in a compact 3U form, ZutaCore is proud to be at the forefront of sustainable two-phase direct-on-chip waterless dielectric liquid cooling solutions”.

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