ZutaCore join the Open19 project due to innovative cooling solution

ZutaCore has announced that it has formally joined the Open19 Foundation with its HyperCool solution. The company has been collaborating with LinkedIn since 2018 to develop this technology for Open19. Since then, ZutaCore has further developed the system, leveraging patent-protected innovations for current and future high core count, high power processors, that can be easily deployed in new or retrofitted data centres and edge deployments.

Open19 is an open-source hardware platform, launched by LinkedIn in 2016, that consists of a standardised system of cages holding standardised blades with standard power distribution. The Open19 framework enables data centre hardware design that powers edge, 5G and custom cloud deployments worldwide. The goal is to simplify operations, reduce cost, and enable cross-server supplier integration.

“The Open19 project has the potential to transform the data centre industry. I am proud of the evolution it has undergone in the last few years including aligning with the Linux Foundation to develop the second version of the standard,” Yuval Bachar, Open19 Fellow at Linux Foundation, said. “When evaluating lessons learned, we knew we had to incorporate liquid cooling as this was a critical demand not served in the first version. We are thrilled to welcome ZutaCore delivering direct-on-chip, two-phase liquid cooling to address this challenge and bring these capabilities to V2. With major vendor champions including Cisco, Equinix, we are excited to see where this next phase takes us.”

“As the first Open19 compliant, direct-on-chip liquid cooling solution, ZutaCore is proud to make contributions to further enhance the Open19 based platform,” Udi Paret, President of ZutaCore, said. “We are honoured by the confidence that the Open19 team have shown in the ZutaCore technology to make the benefits of two-phase liquid cooling a reality for a wider community of data centre operators. Together we will help them shrink data centres and save scarce energy, water, land and construction resources.”

The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organisation enabling mass innovation through open source, is now hosting the Open19 Foundation. The Linux Foundation will provide the necessary infrastructure for Open19 to broaden its appeal to more large data centre operators and for its development to align with the development of a number of software projects that are also part of the Linux Foundation. 

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