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Is liquid cooling driving sustainable decision-making?
September 22, 2022
Liquid cooling solutions are seeing wider adoption rates as they seek to assist data centre operators in meeting sustainability goals....
data center heat reuse solutions
September 1, 2022
There are well-documented challenges with reusing data center waste heat. How can we use lower-grade heat generated from further afield...
DCIM Software: Beyond Power and Cooling
August 18, 2022
With much debate around DCIM over the past several years, where is the innovation coming from in terms of data...
Scalable smart lighting technologies to improve data center energy efficiency
August 4, 2022
Turn the lights off on your way out! What gains can be made from utilisation of smart lighting solutions? We...
Grid interactive data centers
July 28, 2022
What are they and why are they important? Data centers can offer a unique opportunity to help maintain grid balance...
Carbon offsetting – Part of the problem, part of the solution or both?
July 14, 2022
With operators facing growing scrutiny over their power consumption – is carbon offsetting merely kicking the can down the road...
Nature Based Solutions for Sustainable Data Centers
June 30, 2022
Large operators are investing in carbon-offsetting programs and are adopting a wide range of nature based solutions as they seek...
The waterless data center
June 16, 2022
Water is not an easily replaceable commodity. With wider adoption of waterless cooling solutions on the rise, who is driving...
Energy security
May 19, 2022
Sustainability combined with recent events have focused attention on energy security – Operators are planning and building towards a more...
Mitigating risk in the data center design and build supply chain
May 5, 2022
With growing pressure on global supply chains it is essential that operators understand and are able to mitigate risks in...
Earth Day 2022
April 22, 2022
Happy Earth Day! Earth Day presents us with the opportunity to reflect on the collective progress we have made over...
Future proofing data center power infrastructure
April 21, 2022
Managing energy within the facility is vital to reducing the overall carbon intensity of digital infrastructure. Where is the innovation...
Reducing energy consumption through improved cooling performance
April 7, 2022
With advancements and innovation in traditional cooling methodologies, we discuss where efficiency gains can be made, energy consumption reduced and...
The evolution of back up power in data centers
March 24, 2022
With sustainability having never been higher on the agenda for data center operators, back up power is a focal point...
Liquid Cooling In the Data Center
March 10, 2022
Higher rack densities are increasingly being adopted in today’s Data Center where the rise in HPC, AI and Machine learning...
Data Center Operation & Maintenance – Processes Quality in African DC
February 24, 2022
With huge expansion plans across Africa, there are ever increasing demands on power, hardware, personnel and raw materials. DIN looks...
The Power of Data to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Assets
February 10, 2022
“You can’t change what you can’t measure” – Gathering accurate actionable data to support sustainable decision making is vital in...
Is the Nuclear Option key to a Low-Carbon Future?
January 27, 2022
As Governments around the world seek to embrace technology that will aid them in meeting their 2030 emissions targets, Nuclear...
Climate & PUE + Hydrogen Generation for African DCs
January 13, 2022
In this talk, DIN looks at the challenges that face the producers of Hydro, Wind and Solar Power and how...
What’s Next for Data Center Sustainability?
December 16, 2021
Data Centers consumption of resources are enormous and demand for the computing power which they provide is growing at an...
Are We Winning the Race to Net Zero?
December 9, 2021
The increasing urgency to mitigate the effects of climate change is seeing heightened environmental regulations and the demand for greener...
How Can Open Source Facilitate a Sustainable Future?
December 2, 2021
While technological innovation should be leveraged to help solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges, according to many...
The Challenges for Colocation from AI and High-Density Computing
November 25, 2021
The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is upon us. Organizations across all industries are adopting AI to meet business challenges that...
Sustainable Investment for Future Digital Infrastructure
November 11, 2021
Digital Infrastructure assets include everything from the towers that carry data traffic across mobile networks, to the fibre optic networks...


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