Technological advances in virtually every field of human endeavour are bringing unprecedented demands for clean, uninterrupted power and with it, the need for ever more dependable, powerful and flexible UPS solutions.

In every industrial application, new technology deployment poses corresponding UPS challenges and issues associated with load changes, harmonic isolation, ambient conditions and power wastage are more potentially damaging than ever. Piller’s UB-V Series, built on the renowned reliability of UNIBLOCK ™, represents a highly flexible and reliable electrically coupled UPS system. Now with an entirely new control platform, this next generation UNIBLOCK ™ provides up to 3.2 MW of UPS protection in one single-module. Unlike all other UPS technologies, the UB-V Series can compensate for voltage dips of up to -50% without recourse to stored energy or diesel generators and offers many other benefits:-

  • Battery or flywheel
  • Co-generation
  • Operational efficiency for capital efficiency
  • Bi-directional power flow
  • Dynamic ride-through


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