Asdis Olafsdottir

ESG Manager


Ásdís Ólafsdóttir is atNorth’s ESG Manager (Environmental, Social and Governance). In this vital role, Ásdís creates and executes the vision and direction of atNorth’s ESG policy, including all environment and sustainable working practices. Ásdís leads the execution and implementation of all ESG initiatives, collaborating with key stakeholders, management teams and employees across atNorth’s data center locations in Iceland and Sweden, aligning activity and ensuring the company continues to progress in an environmentally-responsible direction.

Having graduated as a Biologist from the University of Iceland in 2011, Ásdís went on to teach at Iceland’s university bridge program. She then started a role as a Project Manager within the University of Iceland. Following her main interest in the biosphere, Ásdís went back to University and finished a Masters Degree in Biology in 2019.

Before that, Ásdís worked for Isavia, within the environment department based at Keflavík Airport, on a number of projects. Here, she helped lead the rollout of green processes and policies across the Isavia group of companies, including green accounting and reports for international certifications, implementing and maintaining ISO standards (45001 and 14001). She also delivered the company’s sustainability policy and training for ISO certifications.

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