Edgar van Essen

Managing Director

Switch Datacenters

Edgar Van Essen has over 20 years of general and commercial leadership (P&L) in high-tech, global companies in the EMEA region. Successful consistent track record in leading structural business change and exponential growth in renowned high-tech and innovative companies. Before a.o. MT member AT&T/Lucent Technologies, VP/MD Western Europe, leading 20+ countries, 50+ people for high-end Swiss global cabling R&M, and owner/founder of a high-end strategic consulting firm. Mr. van Essen has held several influential (inter) national industry association board memberships and brings a strong network in data infrastructure. Edgar holds an MSc in Business from the Rijks Universiteit Groningen in the Netherlands and additional certificates from amongst other Thunderbird University, Phoenix AZ. Edgar has a natural interest in new, game-changing technologies and trends and gained a consistent track record of turning these changes into new sustainable business and revenue streams for the companies and customers he worked for. He is married and the proud father of three young daughters. 

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