Michael  Skurla

Michael Skurla

CTO, Radix IoT I am a product design, marketing, and business development professional; well established in the analytics and IoT space, with a strong history in product development. I have a passion for interconnected solution products with a focus on the software analytics potential they can bring to sustainability and efficiency within the built environment. I have a strong specialty in electrical power control pertaining to lighting, HVAC, BMS, within larger building or enterprise ecosystems. I was developing embedded devices that communicated with each other long before the ‘Internet of Things(IoT)’ was a buzz phrase. I have filled many shoes in my career. Engineer, product designer, product manager, project manager, marketer, trainer, business developer, salesperson, product developer, programmer, and even the occasional copywriter. Specialties: IoT, channel management, strategic mapping, training, sales development, product marketing, electrical product design, product management, market development, consultative selling, technology evangelist.