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AIIB invests in data centre development to serve the emerging Asian market
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has committed $150 million to invest in the development of data centres that mostly...
Chinese Data Center Operator pursues Zero-Carbon Data Centers.
Chindata Group recently joined the United Nations Global Compact in APAC furthering its commitment to the sustainable development of digital...
China rank first for direct investment in data centres
Direct investment in data centres on the Chinese mainland reached approximately $880 million during the first half of 2021, ranking...
Vantage Data Centres prepare for expansion into the Asia Pacific
Vantage Data Centres is preparing to launch in the Asia Pacific due to two acquisitions and a $1.5 billion equity...
Asia Pacific data enterprises are given boost by Tech Data and Syniti
Tech Data and Syniti have announced a new distribution partnership in the Asia Pacific region. The partnership will enable enterprises...