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Can Montreal become the next ‘data center alley”?
With insight from an operator with facilities in Ashburn and Montreal which factors are essential to creating a hub and...
Dirty data or clicking clean?: Defining a meaningful response to climate change by data center operators for 2030
Recognizing the power demands of data centers was dramatically increasing the demand for dirty energy around the world, in 2010...
Whats going on in the Canadian Data Center market?
David Cervantes SVP CBRE takes the audience through the latest data center trends in Canada
Digital Infra Partners vision for Sustainable Digital Infrastructure
Dan Scarbrough founding partner of Digital Infra Partners lays out the DIP Vision for Sustainable Digital Infrastructure at Digital Infra...
Garry Connolly – Host in Ireland
Garry Connolly Founder and President of Host in Ireland who is undoubtedly responsible for Ireland’s prowess when it comes to...
Diversity & Capacity: Metro and long-haul fiber routes and their impact on digital infrastructure.
Fiber availability has long been a prerequisite of driving growth in digital infrastructure. How do network availability and latency impact...
From edge-of-network to the hyperscale data center. When will energy storage solutions become widely available?
To sustain an uninterrupted supply of energy in a grid system with renewable energy sources, there must be substantially larger...