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A conference of more than 200 business leaders, industry experts, clients, and partners from around the world has come together...
Huawei publish white paper on constructing sustainable 5G industry
Huawei has published a white paper with China Mobile and other industry partners which expands on the architecture and technical...
Whitepaper that redefines the all-flash data centre released
An International Data Corporation (IDC) white paper, titled moving towards an all-flash data centre era to accelerate digital transformation, has...
Huawei Technologies and ZTE partner to help cut carbon footprint in China
Huawei Technologies and ZTE are partnering to use technology that will help customers and suppliers cut their carbon footprint and...
Huawei claim to set a data centre industry record for energy efficiency
Huawei’s Smart Modular Data Centre has an annual power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.111 in tests. The company have said...