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Whats Inside Sesame Fast-Start
Take a look inside the Sesame Fast-Start and find out how we’ve made the powerful hyperscale technology optimized for rack-scale...
Rethinking the Total Cost of Ownership
Discover the advantages of using hyperscale and Open Technology that gives you better-than-ever TCO.
Advantage of Circular Over Linear Models
Want the most value out of your data center hardware? Stop imposing linear limits on your hardware’s lifetime and start...
Sesame by ITRrenew
Sesame delivers the power of hyperscale for all with TCO-smashing rack-scale solutions optimized for Open Systems, AI/ML and Converged Workloads.
The Case For Circular Data Centers: Redefining Lifetime Value
ITRenew’s Circular Data Center Model creates secondary loops of life for IT hardware that carry much higher proven lifetime value...
Meet Sesame Fast-Start
How much hyperscale can you fit under your desk? Find out with Sesame Fast-Start, the easiest, most cost-effective way to...
ITRenew to establish new headquarters in Ireland
ITRenew has announced that it will establish an Ireland Headquarters and Logistics Centre in Drogheda, with 40 new roles set...
ITRenew join the World Business Council for Sustainable Development
ITRenew has announced that the company has joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). As a new WBCSD...
New breakthrough computing solution thanks to ITRenew and Vapor IO partnership
ITRenew and Vapor IO have announced a breakthrough solution to deliver the benefits of on-premises computing to enterprises without requiring...
Partnership brings efficiency, scalability and sustainability to any data centre
Submer has announced a partnership with ITRenew to combine their expertise to deliver cost-effective, high-performance technical solutions to the cloud and edge...