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Kohler Power Systems has announced that its entire offering of mission-critical diesel generators is compatible with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO),...
Global Power Partner: Quality You Count On
Across the globe, data centers can count on one thing: Kohler quality. Our industrial generators exceed industry standards and are...
Global Power Partner On Time Delivery
When we say it’s going to get there on time, it’s going to get there on time.
Global Power Partner: Genuine Partnership
When data centers come to Kohler, we support them directly. That keeps us accountable for decades to come. And allows...
Global Power Partner: Custom Data Center Solutions
We don’t do one-size-fits-all. We provide solutions—customized to your data center requirements.
Fireside Chat – Sustainability with Bill Mazzetti from Rosendin
At the Kohler and Schneider Electric Power Down: Getting Green retreat, we sat down with industry leaders like Bill Mazzetti...
Degrees of Green: Evolutionary and Revolutionary approaches to data center sustainability
Our culture has become ever more reliant on data storage. As digital infrastructure proliferates, so with it does the rise...
Kohler aim to make million dollar investment to meet generator demand in data centre market
Kohler is set to make a multi-million-dollar investment over the next five years in its production site in northwest France...