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Using advanced cooling solutions to de-risk digital infrastructure
Data centre cooling is on the cusp of rapid change, with the demand for high-performance compute, and the drive for...
Cooling the Cloud
Improved IT load life longevity and performance is a key value that immersion cooling solutions provide. In this talk, Serge...
Heat reuse Immersion4
Immersion 4 CEO Serge Conesa talks passionately about Data Center heat reuse: Data Centers consume and emit massive amounts of...
A wave of optimism in sustainability
CEO of Immersion4, Serge Conesa, explains how the data center industry needs to act quickly and decisively if it is...
The streamline approach for a fiercely fluctuating supply chain
CEO of Immersion4 – Serge Conesa – talks to DIN about how the pandemic forced a radical restructuring of their...