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Wind Energy
French renewable energy company, Neoen, and Prokon, a large renewable energy cooperative, have announced the signing of a new power...
Meta expands renewable energy investment in Iowa with 225MW wind PPA
Meta – formally known as Facebook – have signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Apex Clean Energy via Great Pathfinder...
Leading renewable energy producers sign PPA with Equinix in Finland
Renewable energy producer Neoen has announced that it has signed a new power purchase agreement (PPA) for at least 30...
MTI acquire Soluna Computing to launch clean energy computing company
Mechanical Technology (MTI) and Soluna Computing (SCI) have announced that they have signed a definitive agreement where MTI will acquire...
Seagreen project latest to use renewable PPAs as companies try to meet climate targets
SSE will launch tenders offering corporate customers power from their Seagreen offshore wind project for five-year terms, around half the...