All roads lead to Luxembourg

July 22, 2021

Cloud computing is exposing businesses to new risks and it is easy to imagine that data in the cloud is safe and secure. But in reality, all these data exist somewhere in a physical form, often in some of the world’s riskiest locations. A recent analysis – combining 3,5 trillion IP addresses assigned to 170 countries – has produced a unique data privacy and security map. Based on key risk factors, Luxembourg ranks as the safest nation for data privacy and storage inside the European Union, with an average data risk score of 2,6%. Situated at the crossroads of the EU’s major economies, Luxembourg is a strategic ICT hub and central gateway to Europe. It features dense and reliable energy supply networks with highly competitive energy pricing while its showcase regulation on security and data protection has been a building block of its financial sector. Last but not least, Luxembourg’s infrastructure routes – roads, air connections and highly reliable and resilient communication networks – are instrumental in the hosting of major European and international institutions. Through its strategic location at the heart of the EU’s largest consumer markets of the Benelux, Germany, France and the UK and its open economy, Luxembourg offers a virtually borderless market place with the benefits of an efficiently run country.

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