Climate & PUE + Hydrogen Generation for African DCs

January 13, 2022

In this talk, DIN looks at the challenges that face the producers of Hydro, Wind and Solar Power and how this applies to the Data Center Industry in Africa which is currently the focus of massive expansion. Find out what are the key drivers for the successful adoption of Green Hydrogen Power and its importance for Africa where in many regions dependency on Fossil Fuels remains. Data Center facilities require more than a single power solution to produce 24/7 baseload power and DIN asks: Where are sustainable energy sources being embraced and how – with its vast geography and varying climates – is this underpinning Africa’s decarbonisation targets?

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A consistent and stable electricity supply is crucial to a data centre’s operational needs. As more people come online in developing countries in Africa, so too will the volume of data being produced and handled by data centres. Recognizing the carbon and energy-intensive nature of these facilities, this presentation aims to demonstrate that a solution for achieving 24/7 coverage for data centres in Africa not only exists but that it is very much within reach.
How does regulation and geography define the adoption rates of sustainable power solutions in Africa and what does this mean to its Data Center Industry as Hyperscale providers look to significantly expand their presence there? DIN takes a closer look at the various regional challenges and limitations that are necessitating innovative and often flexible approaches to meeting Africa’s sustainability targets and decarbonisation goals.
For the second time, Cap DC, in partnership with the Africa Data Centre Association, performed a study about the African climate impact on the Data Centre industry. The result is a clear demontration that thanks to state-of-the –art design, the continent will have the possibility to develop professional infrastuctures that will mitigate the temperature impact. In addition, Africa is also in the starting-block to start the race on hydrogen and renewable energy innovation. This video will allow you to share how the African Datacenter Industry is moving ahead.

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