Are We Winning the Race to Net Zero?

December 9, 2021

The increasing urgency to mitigate the effects of climate change is seeing heightened environmental regulations and the demand for greener solutions. In order to meet this demand, Data Centers must build sustainability into their ongoing strategies, however, it will not be business as usual as the stakes are growing. Becoming a greener Data Center by enhancing resource efficiency and working to build a sustainable model for the future, is a critical factor in Data Center strategy.

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How did Sweden become an international hotspot for businesses pioneering the green industrial revolution? Hear from Christoffer Svanberg, CEO of Node Pole as he shares insights on how a small country in the north of Europe has managed to achieve a 21st century gold-rush for green data and green industry development projects. With more than two decades of experience regarding industry establishments, Node Pole is looking through the lens of global data- and manufacturing companies and how they have found their green safe haven in Sweden.

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