Why artificial intelligence is the game changer for manufacturing

January 26, 2021

Manufacturing is one of the main industries that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to its fullest potential. Smart factories have major cuts in unexpected downtime and better design of products as well as improved efficiency and transition times, overall product quality, and worker safety. Artificial intelligence is the heart of Industry 4.0, delivering more productivity while staying environmentally friendly.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the decades-old visual inspection industry. It allows users to automate previously unatomatable vision tasks and helps improve the accuracy of traditional machine vision solutions. These benefits are increasingly driving adoption, with 38% respondents of a recent A3 survey reporting that they are already using AI for a variety of inspection tasks. AI is a powerful tool but it is not going to deliver value unless done right. Unlike traditional software, implementing AI requires following a systematic engineering discipline to work. In this presentation, Quinn Killough from Landing AI, a Silicon Valley-based company, will walk you through three main steps for building and deploying AI-powered visual inspection so that your team can be set up for success.
The transition to Industry 4.0 will depend on a successful adoption of many new transformative technologies such as 5G, Cloud compute and AI. This session will cover the market view of industry 4.0, the drivers, challenges and requirements. It will also cover the importance of 5G to accelerate industry 4.0 deployment.

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