Can CIOs reduce their Carbon Footprint by migrating to the cloud?

August 21, 2023

Driven to the increasing focus on sustainable operations many organisations are looking to cloud migration as a solution. The many aspects of a cloud or hybrid strategy are well established but less understood is the environmental benefits. Cloud computing could eliminate a billion metric tons of CO2 emission over the next four years, and possibly more, according to a new IDC forecast. With Microsoft and AWS investing in energy-efficient data centres, cloud computing is set to impact carbon emissions positively. CIOs from various industries share their experiences on how migrating to the cloud has made a difference to the carbon footprint of their organisations.


2:00 pm BST: Introduction by Dan Scarbrough, Publisher at Rockscar & CRO at Stelia

2:05 pm BST: Session by Martin Bradburn CEO, PeaSoup.Cloud

Title: Immersed in Green: How CIOs Can Slash Carbon Footprint via Cloud Migration and Immersion Cooling
Synopsis: Ready to explore the convergence of innovation and sustainability? Tune in to this Live Talk to understand from Martin Bradburn, CEO of Peasoup.Cloud how CIOs can take their carbon footprint reduction efforts to the next level by incorporating immersion cooling into their cloud migration strategies. Discover how this game-changing approach enhances efficiency, slashes energy usage, and paves the way for greener IT operations.

2:15pm BST: Session by Anna Timme Head of Sustainability, Secure Power & Data Centers, Schneider Electric

Title: Reducing enterprise data centers’ carbon footprint with a hybrid cloud approach.

Synopsis: There are many options open to the CIO seeking to improve the sustainability performance of their company’s IT. In this presentation, we have shared a scenario in which an enterprise data center is replaced in part of in full by a hybrid cloud approach that involves cloud service providers and colocation data centers, including right-sizing IT to workload, choosing a C&SP provider leading in sustainability, and aggregating IT workloads resulting in less infrastructure overall and therefore a lower embodied carbon.

2:35pm BST: Interactive Panel

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