Telecommunications, Infrastructure and the Rise of IoT Platforms

As the world becomes more distributed, so does the infrastructure to support it. To manage this growing portfolio of digital communications assets new ways to monitor and manage this growing, often global portfolio need to be deployed to both guarantee uptime while mitigating service cost to what is often difficult or expensive to access locations. The growth of IoT platforms, born out of the I.T. and data center space, has given rise to a different generation of flexible monitoring and management platforms that are ideal for telecommunications infrastructure. This session strives to explain what an IoT Platform is and how it differs from remote monitoring solutions of the past. To detail how IoT platforms are designed to optimize uptime in telecommunications infrastructure. Allow understanding of the security implications at hand, and how IoT Platforms based on I.T. infrastructure offer more secure solutions in global settings and show by example how I.T. platforms integrate with existing analytics systems to foster greater portfolio insight and OpEx Savings.

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