Circularity for Data Centres

June 24, 2021 | 09.00 GMT
Circularity for Data Centres Photo
Proponents of the circular economy are eager to point out that waste does not exist in nature. In the same way nature reuses and recycles its resources, how can we minimise waste in data centre management? A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design, and aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest quality and value always. Key elements of the circular economy model optimise resources by circulating products, components, and materials in use through different loops of the use cycle. Extensive analysis proves that hardware circularity – keeping assets in their highest utility for as long as possible – can have significant transformative effects on business models, revenue growth and market access across the data centre ecosystem. If it is to become sustainable it is time for the industry to adopt a new way of thinking about the economic and environmental value of data centre technology and how that hardware is managed.