Data and the hydrogen economy

June 10, 2021

The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of data centres as part of the critical infrastructure that supports the growing digital economy. There is no sign of this growth slowing with greater adoption of technologies such as cloud, smart technologies and 5G deployment having increased the need for data storage and processing. However, data centre operators face a significant and growing challenge in addressing their energy consumption and reducing their carbon footprint for sustainable growth. As an energy source, hydrogen has distinct advantages – it is the most abundant element in the universe and has the highest energy per mass of any fuel by weight. However, for hydrogen to truly be a green fuel, it must be produced in a way that does not result in carbon emissions, which would otherwise negate the carbon savings.

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This presentation will discuss how the MTU hydrogen ecosystem is providing a sustainable and reliable backup power solution, while utilizing the advantage of external and internal grid services. This solution provides a fully vertically integrated solution from hardware, automation, optimization and grid services out of one hand.
This presentation will cover the fundamentals of using hydrogen in the data centre, including how the ISO standards and other data centre guidelines facilitate the use of hydrogen, what to expect in terms of equipment that needs to be installed within the portal of the data centre. What external infrastructure will be necessary, which countries have a hydrogen strategy, a review of which data centres are currently or planning to use hydrogen, and how this could meet the overall net zero challenges that the sector faces.
There is growing interest worldwide in the use of hydrogen as an energy source because its combustion does not emit carbon dioxide. In its liquid state, hydrogen occupies 800 times less volume compared to its gaseous state, allowing for more compact and efficient storage and transportation. Keppel Data Centres shares its journey towards decarbonisation through exploring the use of liquefied hydrogen as a compelling clean energy alternative for land-scarce markets.

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