Data Center Operation & Maintenance – Processes Quality in African DC

February 24, 2022

With huge expansion plans across Africa, there are ever increasing demands on power, hardware, personnel and raw materials. DIN looks at how these requirements are being met and how they affect the day to day operations. The recent global pandemic has added to these challenges and we examine how this has changed the way Data Center facilities operate. Where are the limits and what are the drivers that will ensure these mission critical facilities are being operated with best practices in the face of the relentless push of continual development.

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In this session, Lee Perrin, Data Center Business Lead MEA at CBRE shares with Digital Infra Network’s Dan Scarbrough his insights into the rapid expansion of this vast region from a Data Center perspective. The world’s fastest-growing continent is attracting operators in this sector looking to explore this young and largely untapped region, however, the East, South and West of Africa each have specific challenges from their supply chain to their power requirements. DIN asks how the realisation of these huge ambitions are being supported by the incoming investment of the biggest global players.
In this session, Mark Acton – Critical Support Director at Future-Tech – gives a comprehensive overview of the Data Center sector in Africa. Many factors contribute to a region’s overall development but the global pandemic highlighted the vital importance of reliable digital infrastructure. At the hub of this network are Data Centers without which, business, financial and social systems would collapse. We find out how Africa is adapting to the challenges of building and maintaining these facilities and look at what is needed to enable sustainability in this region.
For a unique, tropical environment like Africa with hot temperatures and high humidity, power is a critical requirement for efficient cooling of the Data Centres, but power is one infrastructure that is in short supply in Africa. So how are African Tier III Data Centres able to deliver 100% uptime, provide technical services while ensuring energy efficiency and sustainability? In this webinar, Gbenga Adegbiji – COO of MDXi Data Centres – discusses with DIN how MDXi was able to achieve 100% uptime by leveraging direct connection to the national electricity power grid in a country where power reliability is below 50% and thereby significantly reducing its facilities carbon emissions.

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