Data centres and renewable energy

July 08, 2021 | 09.00 GMT
Data centres and renewable energy  Photo
There are several facets to a data centre's sustainability credentials but probably the primary one is the use of energy. This means that a fundamental input to the environmentally impact of a data centre is largely dependent on where that electricity comes from. This has led to the sector taking a closer look at what renewable energy can offer and how it can be utilised. At present, if a data center is grid-connected operators have two options. They can purchase offsets or contract energy from renewable sources to match the total energy consumption. While going someway to alleviate the problem neither is a perfect solution. There is however a third option and that is to deploy renewable sources of energy on the local grid providing power 24/7, so the data center will always consume renewables. This talk will consider all these options and highlight the path to a renewable energy future for data centres.