Data centres and the grid: partners in crime or a holistic solution?

September 26, 2023

A survey by research group Omdia showed that within the next four years data centre operators will deploy uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) which are able to interact with the electric grid and support essential energy-management initiatives. The report claims that smart grid ready UPSs incorporate technologies that enable the equipment to sense and interact with the electric grid, helping data centres to become smarter about the amount and timing of energy consumption, contributing to the pursuit of a more sustainable data centre.


3:00 pm BST: Introduction by Dan Scarbrough, Publisher at RockScar & CRO at Stelia

3:05 pm BST: Session by Carsten Baumann, Director Strategic Initiatives, Solution Architect, Schneider Electric

Title: Data Centers – Off-taker or contributor: The journey of becoming a good steward!

Synopsis: Data centers, integral to our digital economy, have witnessed exponential growth over the years, now accounting for approximately 2% of global electricity consumption. As data centers evolve, reaching capacities as high as 500+MW, it is crucial to prioritize reliability, availability, and sustainability in their design. This presentation delves into the challenges data center operators currently confront and offers innovative insights on adopting a responsible stewardship approach. By forging strong partnerships with the utility grid, data centers can proactively contribute to a more sustainable future, benefiting both the industry and society at large.

3:15pm BST: Session by Simon McCormick, Chief Technical Officer, Echelon Data Centres

Title: Empowering the Future: The Confluence of Power Generation, Renewable Energy, and Data Centers

Synopsis: In a world where energy consumption is soaring, and environmental concerns are more pressing than ever, the interplay between power generation, renewables, and data centers has become a critical focal point. This presentation delves into the intricate web connecting these vital elements that shape our modern world.

3:25pm BST: Interactive Panel led by Dan Scarbrough

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