AFRICA – Digital Infrastructure Standards, Regulations & Investments

February 11, 2021

In this talk, we’re talking about meeting international standards and reputability for digital infrastructure and data centre operators in Africa. As Africa evolves into a major international digital player, increased transparency is needed to allow for a healthy digital ecosystem to flourish. We consider the current status, gaps and stakeholders, going on to discuss the role various stakeholders play in ensuring excellence, as well as investment needs, trends and examples.

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In order to develop robust and reliable digital infrastructure across Africa in a consistent and coordinated way it is important that a set of underlying principles and international standards are in place to help guide development and set recognised benchmarks. The obvious approach is to underpin digital infrastructure with common internationally agreed standards and metrics. The currently available international standards and standardised KPIs offer a globally consistent framework with common benchmarks in every region of the world. This is turn supports better understanding and continued improvement of the delivery of digital services in terms of both reliability/availability and energy efficiency no matter where a site or business is located. With this in mind the rapidly growing data centre market in Africa to base future development on the suite of genuine international standards published by ISO/IEC. This approach will not only create a cohesive Pan-African data centre standards framework it will also provide African nations the opportunity to engage with, contribute to, and guide the development of these standards through national membership of ISO. The majority of African nations are already members of ISO so this is a genuine opportunity to not only apply global standards but also to influence development according to specific African regional requirements.
iColo Founder & CEO, Ranjith Cherickel shares the story of iColo and walks us through why markets that are perhaps less obvious, like Africa, are in fact very attractive opportunities for digital development and how to stay ahead of trends. Covering connecting the formerly denominated “dark continent”, we take a glimpse at standards and best practices that will allow it to flourish in full transparency, generating trust and attracting local, regional and international customers into Africa’s digital economy. We consider the challenge as well as the importance of the regulatory sphere and compliance with it in difference markets, and address the last hurdles to building a booming digital economy on the continent.
In this session, Wouter van Hulten, CEO of PAIX Data Centers, a member of the Africa Data Centers Association, shares with us the current state and mission for the future of the digital infrastructure industry in Africa supported buy the ADCA.
Balancing Act and Console Connect (PCCW) reveal findings from the recent Africa Interconnection Report and explain how network automation can help African businesses more easily connect to clouds, data centres and applications. The full report can be accessed here:

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