Laying the foundation for a practical digital twin

A fully-connected process chain is key to realising the potential of additive manufacturing (AM). Through digitally connecting equipment, it is possible to create a closed-loop feedback system from inspection back into AM, machining and finishing. In doing so, each process can inform the next, tailoring each part to account for subtle variations in net shape production. The data that is collected can, in turn, be used to develop machine learning algorithms that lay the foundation for a practical Digital Twin. By accurately simulating each step of a component’s manufacture, Digital Twins will be able to virtually recreate the entire process chain. This will allow manufacturers to simulate the complete production of a part, well before is it sent to be printed. Digital Twins will provide engineers with invaluable insight that will allow them to compare the simulated finished part with what is expected and required for its application, thereby granting an opportunity for design and process adjustments before manufacture begins.

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