EU Secondary Markets

April 22, 2021

The global pandemic has seen a surge in data use and increased the demand for data centre real estate. But despite this hunger, one of the main trends of 2020 has been the surge in investment outside the traditional FLAP markets (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris) and Dublin. Secondary markets like Warsaw, Madrid, Milan, Berlin, Zurich, and Copenhagen were alive with site acquisition activity during 2020, and many of the traditional hyperscale customers are now turning to the build-to-suit developers for a faster route to market as they expand their cloud regions. Other locations such as Athens and Istanbul are also gaining traction as strategic gateways between Central Europe and Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

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As part of his role as Lead Analyst in Europe for Dan speaks to Olivier Micheli President & CEO at DATA4 Group regarding the Paris, Milan and Madrid Colocation Market together with their sustainability strategy.
Roger Süess of Green fills us in on the current state of the Zurich data center market in Switzerland, how it’s developed into what it is today.
As the FLAP-D data centre hubs see constraints on renewable power, availability of land or lack of available skilled workforce are they under threat from emerging regions. Do we see higher degree of innovation in areas where you need to be innovative to create an edge when competing against the developed hubs? How are incentives and policies in the emerging markets in Europe like the Nordics or Iberia or smaller hubs in Germany, UK or France driving demand to scale easier, more sustainable and at lower costs?
The mature markets of Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Dublin (FLAP-D) continue to grow at pace, a high cost of entry and locational constraints such as access to power and network capacity can erode the returns when compared to emerging EMEA locations. As developments extend beyond these established Metros and away from city centre locations, the risk profile changes and with it the appetite and opportunity for investment. In this presentation, Jacob Bond will explore the emerging European locations identified as the next hot-spots for Data Centre growth and how Operators and Investors are entering these new markets.

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