Future proofing colocation

May 13, 2021

The colocation sector is in a hypergrowth phase in both core and edge markets to support all the customer demand for content, cloud, and network, as well as growing requirements for technologies such as ML/AI, cloud gaming, VR/AR, telemedicine, Industrial IoT, Autonomous Vehicles, and the list goes on. All of which require vast amounts of data and delivery to and from the people, the device, and the application. One of the primary challenges for colocation providers is meeting demand adequately in a timely manner. Once the current uncertainty abates, there will be massive a wave of growth to fulfil previous demand and the newly identified demands as more companies seek to address the new demands created/identified during this period.

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In the last year the world changed. Network use grew substantially in nearly every sector causing some to shorten their digital transformation plans from five years to five weeks. To support changing businesses, data centres need to be even more flexible and dynamic than the customers they support. How? From market drivers to design and construction, to business operation and optimization – all aspects of mission critical IT infrastructure need to be designed for change and pressure tested for flexibility.
The EUDCA serves 27 countries, 240 facilities, and 1,500,000 square metres of space. This session takes the pulse of the European data centre landscape as sustainability becomes a top priority, sharing perspectives on how the colocation industry may well evolve in years to come with the introduction of new services and methods of delivery. How will operators innovate to meet customer’s sustainability, higher density, and reliability requirements? Alex Rabbetts will be joined by Damien Wells to discuss EUDCA initiatives, the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, future sustainability and key considerations for achieving low to zero carbon emissions.
Colocation, as we know it in its guise today, has shaped the Data Centre market for nearly 30 years, and although Cloud adoption is booming we have good reasons to believe Colocation is not stopping any time soon either and will continue to shape and define the market for years to come. This session will provide a view on current trends in the data centre market that Knight Frank are seeing and how these influence colocation models. Whilst also trying to better understand overall IT strategies that occupiers may look at adopting in the future and how this will materially impact on the colocation market as they continue on their digital transformation journey’s.
The face of the colocation customer is changing with new types of decision-makers playing a role in key colocation decisions alongside the IT infrastructure function. Along with a changing customer mix, the demand for colocation services is coming both from enterprises themselves and from those providers serving them. Today, a provider of public cloud (IaaS), SaaS or platform as a service (PaaS) is just as likely to be leasing space inside a colocation datacenter today as a ‘traditional’ enterprise. In this presentation, Mitch Fonseca, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Data Center Services at Cyxtera will share with participants the role new types of decision-makers such as architects, network engineers, cloud engineers and operations teams, play in key colocation decisions, what challenges these decision-makers are looking to solve and practical guidance for these stakeholders to support and scale the various needs and business functions today and in the future.
Colocation has been and industry that has naturally focused on resiliency, redundancy, and standardisation – but has this also created a frame fit for prospective clients where demands and requirements change rapidly. How do we future proof our data centre to ensure that we can live with these changing demands regarding continued energy efficiency, increasing density of racks, new cooling requirements, new microgrid requirements or reduced time to market.

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