Going green globally; the top sustainability hotspots for data centres

April 8, 2021

As large corporations and local governments pursue their own sustainability goals, data centres will be required to follow suit to meet future regulatory concerns and obtain further business. Those facilities that maintain a low power usage effectiveness, use water sparingly and utilise renewable energy, will benefit both in cost savings and partners. Data centres that utilise renewable power have dual positives, as renewables are often far more cost-efficient for heavy users. As governments around the world look to establish aggressive emissions reductions, major leaders of the tech world will be vanguards of change. A quartet of markets globally operate with fully renewable energy, including hydropower, solar, or bioenergy, including Montreal, Sydney, Oslo, and Reykjavik. Vancouver and Seattle follow closely, with hydropower overwhelmingly being the favourite method of energy production. While Mumbai, Madrid, Munich, and Milan are also recognised as sustainable locations. This talk looks at the attraction of sustainable locations around the world.

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Green and sustainable are not always the same. In this session we will look at the cradle to grave cycles of sustainability and how this world is changing with respect to the data center environment and our environment. From natural gas to wind, some greener options may surprise you! Run a data center, grow a veggie, and hit carbon neutral with your facilities.
There is a huge drive within the data center industry to deliver sustainable data center services. This is supported by significant ambitions by the hyperscalers, government incentives and ability to leverage improved data maturity. How do you find the optimal solution regardless of location and availability of renewables and how do we better leverage the whole industry to secure a drive to going green versus buying green?
Low latency and instantaneous communication, coupled with rising demand and the need for data center growth, have changed the way the data centres need to operate. With nearly 40 per cent of data center cost going to cooling power a recent analysis conducted by a European engineering firm uncovered potential worldwide cooling energy savings over $1.7 billion and even more promising carbon emission reduction of 3.7 million tons are achievable. Solutions such as airflow management, optimisation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, microgrids, renewable energy, virtual power, and new cooling technologies, are allowing data center owners and operators to account for every single watt of power entering their facility and in turn safely squeezing out every drop of efficiency possible. Becoming energy efficient and sustainable makes commercial sense as much as it does environmentally! Measure, manage, record, adjust, and recycle!

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