Part 1 – How African Data Centres Handle the Heat

In this panel discussion, we discuss how to devise a digital data center strategy across such a vast and varied continent. We talk about what it is in particular in digital infrastructure that needs to be adapted to deliver an optimised solution for African climates. Our expert panelists share some standard building blocks that can operate in challenging climates and be rollout at scale to meet growing demand in Africa, as indeed, we know these challenges aren’t restricted to Africa. For example, Singapore and Hong Kong have tropical/sub-tropical climates, and are home to a robust data center market, so what comparisons and lessons can be drawn? Looking at PUE, can you move outside of ASHRAE recommended performance? And what about cooling – what are some innovative and efficient cooling solutions in use or being developed? Beyond high average temperatures, the African market also faces challenges of aridness and vastness… what hardware solutions are suited for digital infrastructure in Africa and what role does/could OCP (Open Compute Project) play in underpinning Africa’s digital economy?

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