How can data centers manage water scarcity?

December 1, 2023

Synopsis: Water is an integral part of data center operations to manage high temperatures generated from servers and networking devices that must run round the clock. According to a study by United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, global water demand is projected to be 6900 km3 by 2030; exceeding the estimated global sustainable water supply of 4200 km3 by 40 per cent.  The need for responsible use of water is driving the innovation and growth in the global data center liquid cooling market; which is set to grow at CAGR of 24.36 per cent by 2027.


3:00 pm BST: Introduction by Dan Scarbrough, Publisher at RockScar & CRO at Stelia

3:05 pm BST: Session by Serge Conesa, Founder and CEO, Immersion4

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Synopsis Coming Soon

3:15pm BST: Session by John Sasser, Chief Technology Officer, Sabey Data Centers

Title: Practical Measures to Reduce Water & Energy Use

Synopsis: Design choices to reduce water use and impact on energy efficiency. The importance of understanding and properly utilizing the ASHRAE Allowable range guidelines. Thoughts on designing for climate risk.

3:25pm BST: Session by Nancy Novak, Chief Innovation Officer, Campus Data Center

Title: Is Water the Most Overlooked Aspect of Data Center Sustainability?

Synopsis: While a lot of effort has gone in to greening up data centers from an energy use standpoint, less attention is given to water even though, unlike energy, water lacks alternatives. This is a critical issue because water is an increasingly scarce resource globally. Worldwide water use has increased sixfold over the past 100 years as the global population and our interconnected economies have grown. That growth is continuing unabated, with water consumption projected to continue to increase by 1% every year. This ever-increasing demand for a finite resource will put a stronger spotlight on how water-intensive industries like the data center industry use water. And yet, there has been far less discussion of data center water usage than other aspects of sustainability. In her presentation, Compass Datacenters’ Chief Innovation Officer Nancy Novak will discuss how organizations can take action on reducing or eliminating water usage in data centers through smarter, more sustainable data center design and operations.

3:35pm BST: Session by Robert Bunger, Innovation Product Owner, CTO office, Schneider Electric

Title:  Achieving Data Center Net Zero Water Usage in an Age of Supply Uncertainty 

Synopsis: Climate change has created water shortages in many regions today.  Consequently, data center operators must have a robust plan for implementing sustainable water technologies and developing key water metrics to meet sustainability objectives. Furthermore, with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), liquid cooling technology can help data center operators decrease their use of evaporative cooling, resulting in less water usage.  In this presentation, we will share a high-level overview of current data center water use (on-site and via power plants).  We will also demonstrate how AI impacts cooling systems within data center environments and recommend metrics for water sustainability reporting.

3:45pm BST: Interactive Panel led by Dan Scarbrough

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