How Can Open Source Facilitate a Sustainable Future?

December 2, 2021

While technological innovation should be leveraged to help solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges, according to many commentators the ICT industry is going in the wrong direction on carbon and climate mitigation. For the ICT industry, the answer is in wholly circular, carbon-negative data centres based on the Three Opens of technology (open source software, open hardware and open data). This needs to be inclusive of supply chain scope 3 emissions and it needs to be fully transparent. Many of the organisations that are announcing plans for their own net-zero data centres, are often doing so in silos and in a closed manner which means that processes, insights, and economies of scale are seldomly shared and implemented with all industry constituents in the interest of the collective solution.

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In this session Canonical’s Maciej Mazur shares his insights into what will be the drivers – and challenges – for compute at the Edge: As the aggregated compute of the modern Data Center moves towards increasing distribution at the Edge, DIN asks how are we preparing is to accommodate this transition from an infrastructure perspective and how are Open Source solutions being deployed here to drive higher energy efficiency gains and increase sustainability.
It requires an open mindset and a desire to challenge the notion of “we have always done it that way” to come up with the solutions that will help us face our problems in sustainability in the face of rising data center demand. As it has done in our data halls, open source IT hardware can have an impact on the broader scope of a data center facility. Distech Controls as a member of the Open Compute Project is joining with other companies to share and learn solutions to advance the way we build and manage our data centers. As a data center infrastructure specialist, Rob Coyle has discovered opportunities for facility improvement by learning from the providers in the OCP community. Specifically, leveraging OCP hardware, circular economy models , and emerging technologies in liquid cooling need to shape our facilities that have been largely unchanged for decades.
In this Talk Amanda Brock, CEO @ OpenUK and Cristian Parrino, Chief Sustainability Officer @ OpenUK, discuss with Digital Infra Network’s Dan Scarbrough the new framework that will enable organisations adopt a sustainable design in how they build, operate and manage the supply chain for their Data Centers. We find out about how this innovative approach to carbon neutral implementations, combining Open Source hardware and software with the full circular economy model, aims to drive the decarbonisation of Data Centers.

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