How to manage power interruptions in data centres in a sustainable manner

January 14, 2021

A data centre’s main function should be to provide constant uptime for the mission-critical applications it houses. However, unplanned outages can happen, and data center operators must be proactive in finding ways to prevent them.

· Understanding the causes of data center outages and finding ways to address them; the need to ensure leading efficiency without compromising on system resilience or performance.

· Understanding your level of required uptime will help us provide a level of redundancy

· Selecting the best UPS system for your application and deploying the correct topology

· The role of a robust power protection strategy in successful data centre operations.

· Understanding the significant technological and legislative developments that are an ever-present consideration.

· Meeting the demands as an ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified data centre, and your service level agreement (SLA)

· Technologies for managing power outages from diesel generator sets and data centre UPS power supplies through to a whole range of power supply services including remote monitoring

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