Sustainability is Smart Business: A Look Inside Sustainability-Linked Data Center Investment

Accelerated digital transformation is driving unprecedented data generation as well as increased demand for compute. This, in turn, means a growing need for more efficient data centers to offset rising energy usage. The intersection of rapid data center growth and sustainability has presented an opportunity for data center operators, their customers, and investors alike, to create innovative infrastructure solutions that power the accelerated sustainable revolution. Investors are focusing on a new type of infrastructure: digital. Funds that traditionally backed toll roads and bridges have set their sights on the data economy, where some of the largest consumers of energy are, in fact, amongst the largest drivers of meaningful, impactful sustainability initiatives to offset it. Aligned’s CFO, Anubhav Raj, and ING’s VP of Sustainable Finance, Daniel Shurey, will discuss: • the current data center financial landscape; • the origination, goals and key drivers of green investment, as well as how it will impact the future of technology; and • Aligned’s sustainability platform along with its recent history-making sustainability-linked financing.

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