Is the Nuclear Option key to a Low-Carbon Future?

January 27, 2022

As Governments around the world seek to embrace technology that will aid them in meeting their 2030 emissions targets, Nuclear power is once again in the headlines and on the agenda. Rolls Royce have partnered with the UK government to develop Small Modular Reactors which could lead to a global roll-out of Edge Data Center facilities running on Nuclear power. Whilst this highly efficient technology produces abundant low-carbon energy, DIN asks how near we are to realising this solution and how will this be safely and cost effectively deployed to best serve the interests of the grid?

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Rolls-Royce SMR is developing a 470MWe nuclear plant that will able to provide carbon free power for the same cost as wind, but will be able to do so constantly without the intermittency of other low-carbon sources. Rolls-Royce SMR will be able to do this by building their plant in factories, and these same factories’ production lines will be able to produce two plants a year from 2025. These plants, designed to be flexibly sited, will help industries decarbonise, whether it is hydrogen production, desalination or data centres.
In this session, Dr.Leslie Dewan discusses with DIN why SMRs (Small Modular Nuclear Reactors) are being touted as a viable and attractive option for the provision of clean, carbon free energy but what are the kind of challenges that will have to be met in order to deploy these facilities globally? Will supply chains prove to be a barrier to scalability and what will the associated costs be from a time, and ultimately, financial perspective?

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