Microgrids and virtual power plants

November 3, 2020

Microgrids and virtual power plants (VPPs) are options for utilities, their customers, and sometimes third-party participants to optimise the local or system conditions, including for reliability, resiliency, and economy. A micro-grid is a miniature model of a complete grid system where you have a form of electricity generation, storage, distribution, and consumption, all within clearly specified electrical boundaries. Virtual power plants can be created using software to control and optimise a network of generation and demand side storage. Both are fundamental to managing a diverse portfolio of generation assets.

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In 2020, energy is essential to every person, organization and industry. The electric grid, however, is becoming more strained and less-reliable by the day. In this presentation, BlueSky Power CEO Ben Parvey will detail how highly accessible, distributed power generation can make harmful outages, transmission line wildfires, unpredictable energy costs and coal-fired power plants truly a thing of the past.
In today’s world of catastrophic hurricanes, wildfires, and storms – Utilities are increasingly turning to Non-Wired Alternatives (NWAs) to increase the safety and reliability of their grid infrastructure. In this presentation, the Founder and CEO of BoxPower Inc. discusses some of the primary reasons that Utilities are considering solar and battery microgrids as a cost effective and reliable solution for remote power provision, as well as some of the key challenges that are limiting the widespread adoption of small scale renewable microgrids. Come join us, and learn about the opportunities, challenges, and innovations occurring in the rapidly evolving microgrid industry!

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