Outlook 2021 – What 2020 did for the digital infrastructure landscape and what’s coming

January 28, 2021

The digital economy advanced 5-10 years in the space of roughly 9 months in 2020 (depending on the source of analysis). Every sector and every individual have had to adapt, with digital technologies and connectivity being at the heart of everything from shopping to education, fitness, even socialising and healthcare. In this talk, we look at what 2020 meant in the world of digital infrastructure with a boom in data traffic and cloud-based services; how providers handled heightened demand and what the impact on sustainability has been, as well as what the industry can expect in 2021.

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Take a look back at what 2020 meant in the data center market and how it evolved with Datacenter Hawk as Founder and CEO, David Liggitt also provides insight into what to look out for in 2021
How can we manage the digital carbon footprint as our economies and societies depend more and more on these technologies? In this session, we look at what a digital carbon footprint is, how it’s evolving and how it can be managed. We also hear about what leading technology companies are doing to play their part in the fight agains climate change.
The Clean Tech programme at the GSMA carried out a study in 2020 on renewable energy for mobile towers situated in off-grid and poor-grid areas. In this presentation, we get a snapshot of mobile tower management in low and middle income countries (LMICs), key barriers to adopting more renewable energy solutions, and examples of initiatives leading to opportunities to improve overall sustainability in the mobile telecommunications industry in 2021 and beyond, and not only in these regions
In this presentation, Mourad Younes from Schneider Electric covers what the company’s secure power division has learnt in 2020 in terms of sustainability and how the pandemic has impacted the global data centre sector. Beyond this global perspective, he shares with us the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the African market as well as some of the technologies which will help the continent fulfil requirements and meet its potential in the digital economy.
In this presentation we hear from the Dutch Data Center Association’s managing director, Stijn Grove, about why the industry needs highly professional, formal and structured representation as it continues to grow and develop, as well as how this can be achieved.

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