Enabling Datacenters that Make Sense

Datacenters represent the nervous system of our society inevitably projected towards a digital future. This transition though seems to need some readjustments, to make innovation smarter and sustainable. Actually, datacenters are responsible for 1% of the world’s electricity consumption and about 0.5% of CO2 emission. As recently confirmed by Science, from 2010 to 2018, the skyrocketing growth of storage capacity, network traffic and computing volumes, determined a +6% increase in the energy consumption of datacenters. In a traditional datacenter, about 40% of the electricity consumption is determined by cooling and this is clearly not a smart approach to energy consumption. Submer’s ambition is to transform traditional datacenters into smart lights-out immersion cooled “data warehouses” driven by robotics – immersion cooling being just the first piece of the puzzle in those next generation infrastructures. In his presentation, Daniel Pope will analyse the impact of datacenters in the environment, and explain the practical and economic benefits of Immersion Cooling, the role of AI in datacenters and how AI together with Immersion Cooling can contribute to create Datacenters that make sense.

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