The Role of Innovative Cooling Technology in the Sustainable Data Centre

There is a growing demand for sustainability as dwindling natural resources and the negative impact of over-consumption of these resources have become more evident in recent years. This has firmly put the spotlight on the need to reduce the burden on the eco-system while ensuring good working conditions. Central to this goal is an increased focus on reducing energy to help cut emissions of greenhouse gases and limit climate change. Systemair is a leading HVAC company with roots in Scandinavia and sustainability is deeply embedded within the corporate culture. The Group takes a holistic and integrated approach towards contributing to a more sustainable society by developing energy- and material-efficient products and by focusing continuously on improving our processes with regard to energy consumption. Systemair aims to positively contribute to a better future keeping in mind major trends in society in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the EU directives on energy conservation requirements. Listen to Anna Kondratenko and Par Johansson sharing their thoughts on the impact of datacenter cooling in the presentation “The Role of Innovative Cooling Technology in the Sustainable Data Centre”. Together they have more than 40 years experience from the HVAC industry and have seen the industry become more and more sustainable.

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