Singapore – the low-risk environment

May 6, 2021

Singapore needs to address several challenges if it is to remain a competitive and sustainable market for data centres. Its limited land size, tropical climate, lack of cost-effective renewable energy supply, and shifting policies for data centre development — in particular a moratorium on new data centres that has been put in place until 2021, are key challenges impeding the development of data centres. These must all be overcome if Singapore is going to remain the pre-eminent location in the region.

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As demand grows and data centre development accelerates across the Asia Pacific region, data centre operators will need to look at ways to run their assets with better cost and operational efficiencies and create sustainable environments. In this presentation, Princeton Data Group (PDG) shares how it aims to do so with a sustainability strategy that focuses on certification, renewables, operations, and technology, and how it is making sustainability part of the PDG corporate culture.
How are open-source infrastructure designs affecting data centres in Singapore? What efficiency and sustainability should an enterprise expect from their data centre provider? How can enterprise companies incorporate best practices gleaned from the hyperscalers? In this brief, but impactful session, we will inform and educate by addressing these questions as well as a variety of other areas to consider as organisations look toward sustainable growth for their infrastructure in Singapore.
The Asia Pacific region will account for half of the world’s colocation market by 2025. But in the midst of this growth, it is also estimated that in the same period 140,000 new staff need to be hired through APAC to support the tremendous growth. This presentation shares some observations of how different operators are responding to this need to hire, develop and retain its talents who in turn make this growth possible.
Singapore has the largest concentration of subsea cables in Asia and offers excellent connectivity to the rest of Asia and the world. Coupled with a stable political climate, it has been the default choice for data center deployments in Southeast Asia. With a moratorium on new data center builds currently in place in Singapore, we look at the neighbouring countries with features that make them an attractive location.

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