Smart Automation and the Sustainable Datacentre

May 27, 2021

Technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things are pushing data centre designs to new levels of complexity. IT loads will become far more dispersed and fluid, and the facilities that power them will have to be much more adaptable. Old efficiency metrics like power utilisation effectiveness (PUE) will have little meaning in a world where IT load can transition from zero to 100 per cent and back to 0 per cent over the course of a day to accommodate such things as telemetry data from self-driving cars during rush-hour. To be truly efficient, the facility itself must be self-driving and predictive so it can deliver energy and cooling to handle such transient loads. Only through data centre automation can truly intelligent data centres that are sophisticated enough for these, and other, as yet unthought of, tasks be realised.

Sessions from this talk

Today the market opportunity surrounding 5G is estimated to be worth €1.3 trillion, while the benefits of increased automation and ultra-low latency connectivity are set to transform sectors from enterprise to transport and industrial manufacturing. However, with needs for higher throughput and a surge in the proliferation of data, IT professionals are beginning to deploy greater volumes of distributed IT across more geographically dispersed, and often unmanned, lights out sites – creating a challenge to do so securely, sustainably, and with both energy consumption and carbon emissions at the center of their strategy. This presentation will discuss a more digitized and automated future is dependent on increasing volumes of edge computing infrastructure and why to overcome the next great energy challenge at the edge, operators need a strategy to design, build, deploy and manage edge sites for greater sustainability.
Hybrid critical power systems with renewable sources can deliver the same uptime and resilience as traditional solutions. The key is to use a power management system able to handle renewables, and the DEIF AGC-4 and ASC-4 controllers are ideal. This presentation introduces the controllers, shows how they can be deployed in a resilient and reliable hybrid solution, and presents value-added testing and emulation features that help power professionals design for redundancy, resilience, and reliable backup power with renewable sources.
In this session, Wendi Runyon and Adil Attlassy will discuss a pilot project that Schneider Electric and Compass have jointly developed to utilize predictive analytics to operate data centres in smarter more efficient ways. The large volume of operational data produced by data centers contains valuable insights, but extracting actionable intelligence has always been a challenge. One of the key obstacles has been the high number of systems in data centres that were not designed to communicate with one another. Wendi and Adil will talk about the how they have created a methodology for unifying those disparate data streams in a manner that can be analyzed using a rules-based predictive analytics platform – enabling them to manage long term service and operational costs while reducing downtime risk.
Cooling accounts for the largest part of electrical energy consumption in data centers after IT. Automating cooling processes and applying technologies like artificial intelligence in cooling infrastructures can radically change the way we operate mission critical facilities. In this presentation we’ll talk about how building automation has achieved higher levels of effectiveness allowing operators to embrace sustainability, save energy, and comply with SLAs. Join us to find out how building automation can take your data center operations to the next level.
The explosion of data is sending shockwaves throughout the data center community. Annual data creation is expected to reach 163 zettabytes by 2025, which is 10 times the amount created in 2017. This means we need a secure mechanism to store, work, and realize value from a large part of this data. With more people working, learning, and connecting remotely, the explosion of data and the consequent need for more data centers will see a multi-fold increase. This talk will focus on how we leverage machine learning, AI and other smart automation technologies to make the data center industry more efficient and environmentally sustainable, while also increasing profitability.
In this session Mohan Gandhi and Cagatay Yilmaz will discuss ECOQube – an innovative research project that aims to make data centers smart(er). This presentation will break down the core innovations that have been demonstrated in the project so far.

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