The attainable vision of smart factories in the fourth industrial revolution

April 27, 2021

Since the Industrial Revolution and the development of mass production through machinery, factories have made steady progress in how they automate the production of goods to improve efficiency and potential revenue generation. But with the rapidly evolving technological capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the roll-out of 5G networks, factories have the potential to take a significant step forward. Organisations across the globe are starting to develop the first generation of truly ‘smart’ factories – moving from traditional automation to fully integrated and flexible systems. Industry 4.0 is merging operational, information and communication technologies with cyber-physical systems, enabled by advanced wireless communication and Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) services. the smart factory of the future is no longer a distant ideal. It is a very real, achievable vision that is available to all companies that are ready to embrace the technologies behind Industry 4.0.

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How can we develop human-centric digital transformation, and how can industries best analyse and use unseen data? What is the silver bullet to have a successful transformation roadmap? Going beyond the buzzwords of today’s industrial digitization, this presentation will share the journey of Hexagon’s smarter manufacturing, and showcase some tangible customer benefits being realised along the way of creating smart integrated manufacturing solutions.
Achieving Digital Transformation and reaching the status of a Smart Factory enables industrial enterprises to empower workers, increase productivity, and future-proof their organisations. Sue Roche, General Manager, SolutionsPT, will explain the need for connectivity from edge to enterprise, bringing the worlds of IT and OT closer than ever and harnessing the always-growing mountain of data associated with more automation. But it isn’t all about technology; see why the building blocks of the Smart Factory will always be the talented human workforce and a cohesive digital transformation strategy that delivers a return on investment at every step.

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