Sustainable Data Centre Future in Sweden

July 4, 2023
live talk

Sweden is at the forefront of the sustainable data center industry and has been actively promoting green and energy-efficient practices in this sector. The country offers several key advantages for hosting data centers, including a favorable climate, reliable power infrastructure, and a commitment to renewable energy sources.
In this Live Talk, speakers shared insights on renewable energy, climate advantage, energy efficiency, green initiatives & certifications, waste heat recovery and how can Sweden foster collaboration & drive innovation through research and development efforts.


2:00pm BST: Introduction by Dan Scarbrough, Publisher at Rockscar & CRO at Stelia

2:05pm BST: Presentation by Stefan Nilsson, Chief Commercial Officer, Conapto
Title: Stockholm – A Better Place To Be?
Synopsis: In this keynote, Stefan talked about Stockholm as a great option with green energy, renewable energy, heat reuse to district heating.

2:15pm BST: Presentation by Lars Schedin, Senior Advisor, EcoDataCenter
Title: Power Production In Sweden
Synopsis: In this keynote, Lars shared his perspective about scrutinizing renewable power, and how much embedded carbon emissions are there in Sweden.

2:25pm BST: Presentation by Alex Brew, Regional Director, Northern Europe, Vertiv
Title: How Critical Infrastructure Is Evolving To Drive More Sustainable Data Center Design And Operation
Synopsis: In this keynote, Alex shared his views about a look into the disruptive trends that are bringing innovative new products to the market, and the importance of leveraging strategic partnerships to realize their full potential.

2:35pm BST: Presentation by Anna Blomborg, Manager Key Customers & Industry Manager Data Centers, BU GPHE, Alfa Laval
Title: Heat Reuse Matchmaking
Synopsis: In this keynote, Anna shared insights about the need for stakeholders to come together in order to capture the opportunities in heat reuse.

2:45pm BST: Panel

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