Sustainable Investment for Future Digital Infrastructure

November 11, 2021

Digital Infrastructure assets include everything from the towers that carry data traffic across mobile networks, to the fibre optic networks required to connect businesses, homes and communities globally. Organisations worldwide use these assets to house their critical networks of computer and storage resources. This infrastructure delivers what is now considered to be critical services for the continuing function of modern economies, enabling growth and productivity. For the world to transition to a low-carbon future, substantial investment in the form of ‘green finance’ will be necessary. This knowledge talk looks at the importance of sustainable investment and highlights some of its achievements to date. The concept of sustainable investing can mean different things and asset owners and asset managers often operate with multiple definitions, messages, and motivations. How are we combining traditional investing with environmental and social governance (ESG) related insights to improve long-term outcomes?

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Fit for 55 refers to the at least 55% emission reduction target which the EU has set for 2030. The proposed package aims to bring the EU’s climate and energy legislation in line with the 2030 goal. During this talk, Eero and Michael will open what Fit for 55 is about and what is the impact on the data center business
The UN adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, and Goal 9 is about building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable industrialisation, and fostering innovation. In this talk, Digital Infra Network’s Dan Scarbrough takes a deep dive into Triple Point’s Digital 9 Infrastructure Plc (D9). Named after Goal 9, D9 aims to improve connectivity globally and reduce the digital divide in an environmentally sustainable manner by investing in a portfolio of critical digital infrastructure assets in subsea and terrestrial fibre, wireless networks and data centres. Thor Johnsen and Lindsay Smart of Triple Point and Dominic Ward of Verne Global join Dan to discuss directing investment into the greenest and cleanest forms of digital infrastructure, including the reasons behind D9’s acquisition of Verne Global – the leading Icelandic data centre platform and one of Europe’s most efficient, with a PUE of 1.18 – 100% powered by renewable electricity. ‘The bottom line at any cost’ is a maxim that no longer has a place in our world today. We look at how building resilient infrastructure in an environmentally sustainable manner will underpin sustainable investment for future digital infrastructure and ultimately drive the improvement of global digital communications whilst targeting sustainable income and capital growth for investors.

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