The tangible benefits of advanced maintenance and asset management

May 25, 2021

Connected and fully digital asset management are quickly becoming a necessity in the industrial world: They enable organisations to easily manage, access and deliver real-time visibility of equipment, workers, and data. And they can support various maintenance management processes, helping industrial organisations stay on top of operations. But building and strengthening asset management capabilities can be complex and time-consuming: Getting from mere data management to fully digital asset management requires agile, iterative development – something executives may not be familiar with.

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Predictive and prescriptive maintenance have become key deliverables of the digitalisation process in industrial automation and control. Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with the ability to collect large quantities of data from disparate and remote plant assets means that generation of analytics around predictive and prescriptive maintenance has become much easier to achieve. Mitsubishi Electric will discuss the growth in capabilities of predictive and prescriptive maintenance solutions that deliver real value to the asset owner, drawing on their wealth of expertise and automation offerings in this area.
This presentation will explore Audacia’s involvement in delivering a multi-million-pound digital transformation project with AESSEAL, a global manufacturer of mechanical sealing solutions for large industries. Due to the complexity of analysing, defining and producing quotations for tailored sealing solutions, that historically required in-depth engineering knowledge – Audacia collaborated with AESSEAL to deliver an enterprise technology solution, to improve sales scalability and efficiency, which was successfully rolled out in March 2021 across 26 countries, supporting 40,000 solution quotations each year.
Maintenance is one of the many fields that developed under the influence of Industry 4.0, and in the digitalisation process of factories, new maintenance technologies are definitely a priority. Among the most innovative and trustworthy, there is vibration-based analysis. By incorporating AI and Machine Learning algorithms, the potential for machine’s performance optimization is infinite and can go beyond simple maintenance.
Asset-intensive businesses demand around the clock productivity. Leading manufacturing and equipment businesses must manage, access and deliver real-time visibility of equipment, workers, data and processes to guarantee equipment uptime. But the global events of 2020 coupled with the ongoing industrial march for productivity and mounting financial pressure for greater efficiency have all accelerated the need for digital transformation. This is fundamentally changing how assets are managed and maintained across every industry, shifting the focus to asset-centricity. Whether it is ensuring technician safety, providing remote troubleshooting, or instantly connecting with customers, a comprehensive visibility of assets from every persona is critical. The drivers, enablers and tangible benefits of advanced maintenance and asset management are changing the face of industrial maintenance.

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