Technologies for a Sustainable Data Centre Future

November 4, 2021

As environmental regulations evolve and businesses demand greener solutions, data centres must build sustainability into their ongoing strategies. The sustainability challenges are diverse and include spiralling energy consumption, restrictions on water usage and curbs on greenhouse gas emissions. With the rise of 5G that heralds a new age of connectivity, demand for data services will continue to rise. Swedish researcher and author Anders Andrae calculates that, in a worst-case scenario, data centres could account for three per cent of global electricity demand by 2030, about one third of the demand projected for the entire ICT industry. Faced with the dilemma, many of the largest data centre providers have created plans for environmental initiatives in response, however, a full commitment to sustainability necessitates a ‘cradle to grave’ approach and environmental ambitions must be built into every aspect of data centre design, construction and operation.

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Anders Andrae of Huawei is a renowned analyst in Life Cycle Assessment. His work has been cited extensively across news-networks, media outlets and in journals from Nature to Time Magazine. In this talk, he gives his expert opinion, discussing coming trends and solutions that will drive sustainability from ‘Top Down’ implementation of Data Center design to the granular, highlighting the metrics that can effect greater efficiency gains for the sector.
Sustainability has been a hot topic for many years already within the data center industry. For the most part this meant to focus on decarbonizing the operation of the data center through cleaner technologies and Power Purchasing Agreements. But decarbonization is only one aspect of sustainability. In this session Giuseppe Leto – head of global portfolio management for data centers at Siemens – will explain how Technology with Purpose is Siemens’ holistic approach to sustainability and how these technologies are adding real value for data center customers who want to enhance their sustainability performance.
The path to improve the sustainability of power solutions for data centres embraces four crucial elements in operational efficiency, infrastructure, power sources and cost. This talk outlines the facets that need to be considered for sustainable data centre power management such as power monitoring and management architecture, transfer sequence, primary and back-up power source and maintenance. It then moves on to discuss some of the key components of power management for critical loads to reduce downtime and improve efficiency and system lifespan.

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