The deep decarbonising transformation of power grids

August 10, 2019

At present 73 per cent of global carbon emissions arise from use of fossil fuel-based energy, mainly for power and heat generation, cooling systems, transport, and industrial processes. Today, green energy makes up approx 14 per cent of the global energy supply. It is projected to reach around 18 per cent by 2030, well short of the 28 per cent share that the IPCC says is needed. The increased attention to deep decarbonisation has focused the debate around whether the goal is 100 per cent renewables (mostly solar and wind) or 100 per cent zero-carbon. Studies looking at deep decarbonisation scenarios for the grid have generally found that the availability of some kind of firm, zero-carbon power such as nuclear, hydro, geothermal, biomass, fossil with CCUS, hydrogen, or long-duration storage, reduces the costs and risks of decarbonisation, particularly as the penetration of variable renewables increases.

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Data centres are among the fastest growing sectors in the world where incumbents and new entrants compete on cost, performance, and service. In this hyper competitive environment, having a comprehensive long-term energy procurement strategy is critical to sustainable growth. Data centres that do not consider climate impact or renewable goals in procurement activities ignore long-term trends toward scope 3 emission reduction among large customers and create risk of future negative publicity for the company.
Gary Connolly, Founder and President, Host in Ireland, sets the scene with his presentation on the fourth industrial revolution and the interdependence of data, digital infrastructure and energy.
Mark Porter, director, Renewable Energy Buyers Association (REBA) Hear from the Future of Internet Power program leaders as they explain why and how the world’s leading data center owners are procuring renewable energy (hint: it is to increase their value proposition) and where this movement is heading.
Sustainability has become an essential criterion by which a company is judged by its customers, workforce, government and even its investors. At eStruxture, we believe now is the time for the data center industry to elevate its environmental stewardship with energy-efficient infrastructure and renewable power resources. In this presentation we will take a deep dive into the data center, and how and where green infrastructure can make a difference in achieving energy efficiency and sustainability for the benefit of enterprise stakeholders, their customers and our planet, all while maintaining a high level of performance, scalability and uptime.
Lenka Kollar, Director of Strategy & External Relations at NuScale Power NuScale Power is developing a new, modular light water reactor nuclear power plant to supply reliable clean energy. This ground-breaking small modular reactor (SMR) design features a fully factory fabricated NuScale Power Module capable of generating 60 MW of electricity using a safer, smaller, and scalable version of pressurized water reactor technology. The presentation will cover the basic technology behind the SMR, applications for reliable clean energy solutions, including data centres, and the current status of commercialization and deployment.
A session on the massive challenge our industry is facing, energy efficiency, and how to deal with natural resources consumption and CO2 emissions? It will give a view on the scale and impact of data centres energy consumption, with a special focus on Covid-19’s impact on the demand for data centres surge as remote working becomes the new norm. Explain how to convert threats into opportunities and value and how to become best in class when it comes to efficiency.
Ella Stengler, managing director, CEWEP (the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants) The role of Waste-to-Energy in the circular economy and the issues of landfill diversion, greenhouse gas savings and how the sector can contribute to renewable energy transition through efficient district heating networks and hydrogen production.

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